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Bring Some R&R Into Your Home

BRING SOME R&R INTO YOUR HOME Your home is your oasis. A place to kick back and relax from your day. So, why not invest in some items that can boost the zen in your home? Check out the tips below to help you achieve ultimate bliss! Lavender eases stress...

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Achieve Morning Person Status

ACHIEVE MORNING PERSON STATUS Ever wish you could become one of those rare morning people? The ones that wake with a start, feeling refreshed and energized. The ones that get in that morning workout or wrap up some work before many of us even hit the snooze button for the...

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Finding the Right Mattress

Finding the Right Mattress Construction: The most popular mattress types are innerspring, memory foam, and adjustable air. Each has pros and cons when it comes to durability and comfort customization. Firmness: Mattress firmness plays a huge role in the quality of your sleep. Some are too firm or too soft...

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Organic Food On A Budget

ORGANIC FOOD ON A BUDGET Organic food usually tastes better and is better for you, but it can also be very expensive compared to non-organic products. Organic food can cost nearly 50 percent more, thanks to the extra labor required to produce it and consumers’ demand exceeding supply. So how...

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Getting Ready For Retirement

For most people, retirement feels like a long way off. But, if you don’t start preparing as early as possible, you may find yourself in a place of financial insecurity when the time does come. To avoid this, consider implementing the following tips. Calculate your target savings. In general, it’s...

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Has COVID-19 Canceled Halloween?

Has COVID-19 canceled Halloween? I have been thinking about this as October quickly approaches. I think about all of the Halloweens celebrated with my daughters when they were younger. Trick or treating in the neighborhood, carving pumpkins, costume ideas, and of course decorating our home for all to enjoy or...

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